Cranes Halifax

R&D Cranes, a division of the Cherubini Group of companies, has a fleet of cranes working out of the Halifax area that includes anything from a 550 ton crawler down to the 30 ton boom truck.

The R&D team of crane operators can provide services for:

  • 10-440 ton lifting services to tandem lifts over 440 tons
  • Drawing services with a 3D lift plan or by certified engineering
  • Critical list assessment
  • Transportation services
  • And more

Some of our equipment includes:

  • 30 ton 100’ boom truck
  • A 110 ton crane with 142’ truck mount crane without jib
  • 440 ton crawler crane

Call Alex in our Halifax office at 902-405-5417 or send him an email at to inquire about the specifics of your job and we’ll get you matched up with our team and the right crane.